Vegetable Soup Recipes

Vegetable Soup Recipes

Soups are fantastic to eat at any time of the day. Make a filling soup for your lunch and serve it with bread or crackers, serve a soup with pasta or noodles for a yummy main course or serve a cold soup as a refreshing bite on a hot summer's day.

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About Vegetable Soup:

Vegetable soup probably evolved as a cheap way to fill people up without having to spend money on expensive ingredients like meat. Since those times, vegetable soup has evolved into something much more than that, with literally hundreds of different recipes being used all over the world. Soups can be spicy and hot, hearty and meaty or cold and refreshing — we've got something here for all occasions, so get cooking!

All of these types of soups are served commonly all over the world — the only thing that changes is the combination of flavourings and spices. Many of the recipes above are also vegetarian friendly, with some being suitable for vegans, too. You could add meat into the soups if you're feeling particularly carnivorous, but they all stand up well as a flavourful soup on their own.

The main concept for soup generally involves sautéing vegetables in oil and butter until softened, covering with stock and cooking until tender, and then blending until smooth. If you haven't got a specific vegetable listed in one of the ingredients lists in the recipes above, don't worry — substitute it for something you have got in. All of these recipes can be adapted to your tastes and what you have available, so don't feel that you have to stick to them rigidly. Above all, enjoy yourself!

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